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1. we chill, selfie

2. we birthday, selfie



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"And kid, you’ve got to love yourself. You’ve got wake up at four in the morning, brew black coffee, and stare at the birds drowning in the darkness of the dawn. You’ve got to sit next to the man at the train station who’s reading your favorite book and start a conversation. You’ve got to come home after a bad day and burn your skin from a shower. Then you’ve got to wash all your sheets until they smell of lemon detergent you bought for four dollars at the local grocery store. You’ve got to stop taking everything so goddam personally. You are not the moon kissing the black sky. You’ve got to compliment someones crooked brows at an art fair and tell them that their eyes remind you of green swimming pools in mid July. You’ve got to stop letting yourself get upset about things that won’t matter in two years. Sleep in on Saturday mornings and wake yourself up early on Sunday. You’ve got to stop worrying about what you’re going to tell her when she finds out. You’ve got to stop over thinking why he stopped caring about you over six months ago. You’ve got to stop asking everyone for their opinions. Fuck it. Love yourself, kiddo. You’ve got to love yourself."

- Unknown (via crystallized-teardrops)

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Close-ups of butterfly wing scales! You should definitely click on these images to get the full detail.

I’ve paired each amazing close-up (by macro photographer Linden Gledhill) with an image of the corresponding butterfly or moth.  The featured lepidoptera* are (in order of appearance):

*Lepidoptera (the scientific order that includes moths and butterflies) means “scaly wing.” The scales get their color not from pigment - but from microscopic structures that manipulate light.

The great science youtube channel “Smarter Every Day” has two videos on this very subject that I highly recommend:



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thesmithereens replied to your photo “Tired selfie in honor of my first thesis draft being completed. ”

Congrats! Can’t wait to be a rogue lady scientist team with you. I’m pictured us dressed like Carmen San Diego but with more test tubes.

Add some protective eyewear and you have yourself a mysterious, fashionable, lab appropriate ensemble. Rogue science is looking more attractive by the day. I don’t want to babysit an HPLC for $12/hr!

rakle replied to your photo “Tired selfie in honor of my first thesis draft being completed. ”


Thanks, bae :)!

"I will close Guantanamo Bay."

- Barack Obama (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

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Woooooooooh! That’s my girl.

Thanks, boo :).

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